Fact or Fiction: Separating the Truth About Superfoods from the Myths

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We all need to eat to survive, but there’s a broad spectrum of food with varying levels of health quality. Some foods, like snacks or “junk foods,” taste great but have low nutritional value, while on the opposite end are what are known as “superfoods,” which can make a big difference to our health. But how does this work?

On The Spectrum

Of course, when you have a spectrum, that means things fall along it from worst to average to best. Superfoods are dietary options that fall on the high end of that nutritional spectrum. The term “superfood” isn’t a technical or dietary one but colloquially refers to a class of foods that are above average in packing certain vitamins, minerals, or other nutrients the body requires. In other words, people who add these foods to their diet are getting a higher concentration of what the body needs to remain healthy, or even better than healthy.

Superfoods fall across a variety of different types, from certain vegetables to different berries. One thing they all have in common, though, is that in addition to being nutrient-rich, they are also low in calories, so weight gain by eating superfoods isn’t a problem.

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The Benefits

At a basic chemistry level, one of the reasons people are or get sick is because of the presence of “free radicals” in the body. A free radical is an atom with leftover electrons, meaning that it can—and will—bond with other atoms. If too many free radicals do this in the body, it causes oxidative stress, leading to accelerated aging or more vulnerability to disease and disorders.

In addition to being high in nutrients, superfoods are rich in antioxidants, which reduce or even reverse the effects of free radicals in the body. This restores stability and robustness to general health. Superfoods can provide benefits like:

  • Reduce heart disease risk
  • Reduce cancer risk
  • Resistance to respiratory diseases
  • Strengthen against Parkinson’s Disease
  • Fight emphysema
  • Combat immune deficiencies

And many more.

Trying Some

If you’re interested in adding some superfoods to your diet, you can try foods like:

  • Dark Greens like Swiss Chard, Kale, Spinach, and Broccoli
  • Blueberries, Blackberries, and Acai
  • Eggs, Salmon, and Avocados
  • Grains like Brown Rice, Quinoa, and Oats
  • Nuts and seeds like Almonds and Chia seed
  • Beans
  • And even Greek Yogurt and Dark Chocolate

And that’s just to start. But if you’re serious about good health and losing weight, try a tailor-made weight loss program centered on your needs and goals. It’s the best way to lose weight while increasing your health and stamina. Then share the news with a friend so more people can lead healthier and happier lives. WeightLoss-Solutions is here to help you reach your health and weight loss goals.

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